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850 gäster invigde Björkhöjden och Ögonfägnaden.
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Idag inviger vi Björkhöjden och Ögonfägnaden
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Welcome to Statkraft SCA Vind AB and our major wind power venture

Statkraft SCA Vind AB is currently planning the construction of seven wind farms in forested areas of northern Sweden. The areas earmarked for construction lie in Västernorrland and Jämtland counties, between the towns of Sollefteå, Strömsund and Bräcke. The wind farms will be built predominantly on SCA-owned land, though a small number of other properties will also be affected.

The venture is one of Sweden’s largest industrial investments, encompassing 194 squere kilometers of forest and 490 wind turbines.

Though there is just as much wind in the forest as anywhere else, building wind farms in forested areas is a new trend. Initial measurements indicate that there exists a large potential for wind energy in those forested areas now under consideration.

Once completed, the wind farms will provide a total of 2,600 GWh annually – renewable energy which will replace fossil fuels and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more then 2 million tonnes a year.